How to be a great citizen in the USA ? Whether you are relocating or just visiting the United States, you will want to fit in. And for America it means to be a good citizen, and feel comfortable and valued. These are some guidelines and suggestions for making yourself appreciated and productive while here. Yes being productive is part of the American values. You will want to learn about American laws and policies, be aware of culture and traditions, and encourage international respect and cooperation.

1. Respect Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations:

If there is an embassy nearby where you live, you may find them to be a great resource for familiarizing yourself with relevant laws. Before you go to the US, check out government websites at the federal, state, and local levels that can offer information and guidelines. For example, here is a useful website that offers information about federal laws:

2. Cultural Awareness and Respect:

The United States has long been considered a “melting pot” of diverse religions, backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. Also American culture is largely a blend of all these influences, which in turn shape customs, food, music, pastimes, fashion, etc. At the same time, respect for diversity is a key American value. A great resource for learning about American life is the website Thus this website offers forums and educational videos designed to help immigrants and visitors successfully assimilate.
On another hand a lot of immigrants became acclaimed great citizen in the USA

3. Environmental Responsibility:

Be mindful of your impact on the environment. Minimize waste by recycling when possible. The recycling process is different in every location in the United States, but you can find local information at the website h Use public transportation whenever feasible. Both Apple Maps on iOS and Google Maps on Android provide information on bus routes, schedules, and fares. Develop an appreciation for the natural beauty as well as the flora and fauna by visiting national and state parks. Check out the The National Park Service website at It provides information on how to visit beautiful and diverse parks. Don’t litter. And if you have the opportunity, plant a tree or two.

4. Volunteering and Community Involvement:

Contribute to your new community by volunteering your time. Whether you hand out food at a local food bank, feed kittens and puppies at an animal shelter, or maintain trails in a local park, volunteering fosters a sense of connection to the community. Besides, it’s also a great way to meet new friends with similar interests. These websites can steer you to a volunteer opportunity for your interests and abilities. or

5. Support Local Businesses:

Promote the local economy by supporting local businesses and artisans. Shop at local markets, buy locally grown produce, and dine at locally owned restaurants when possible. For every dollar spent at local businesses, 75% remains in the local community. By contrast, if that same dollar is spent at chain businesses 43% remains locally. Shopping locally helps to keep money flowing within the community, provides jobs to local residents, and helps build pride and a community with its own unique character.

6. Respect for Law Enforcement, a minimum to be great citizen in the USA :

Law enforcement officials are there to protect the community, and at times they may need your cooperation. Also always follow their instructions. Address them as “officer,” provide them with any information they request, and show appreciation by thanking them for their service. Cooperating with law enforcement contributes to a safer community for everyone.
In the US no bribe to police officers. The US is a top country against corruption.
Also do not forget that America hates lies. Police and justice officers sue liars.

7. Traffic Safety:

Familiarize yourself with traffic rules for your state and community. Avoid any impulse to react angrily to the actions of others. Observing traffic signals and looking out for the safety of pedestrians help contribute to the community’s overall well-being. And for pedestrian, if the pedestrian lights are red and there is no vehicles coming, you still might wait before to cross the street/road.

8. Understanding Tipping Culture:

Tipping practices vary throughout the world, and you may come from a country with different customs. In the United States, it is customary to tip 15-20% of the bill at restaurants. Tipping restaurant servers is technically optional, but it is expected because servers are paid a low hourly rate. It is also customary to tip other service providers such as taxi drivers, hairdressers, people who deliver food, and porters. Tipping customs may seem confusing, even to Americans. A good resource on how to tip is at

9. Responsible Use of Social Media:

Remember to be respectful when sharing photos, experiences, or opinions on social media. Also think before you post. Respect the privacy of others and be aware of culturally sensitivities, and never use these platforms to instigate hostilities or spread misinformation. Having freedom of speech does not give the rights to insult.

10. Emergency Services and 911:

For emergencies such as medical emergencies, fires, motor vehicle accidents, or other life-threatening situations, dial 911. For situations that are not life threatening, dial 311.

11. Be Courteous and Friendly to become a great citizen in the USA :

This should go without saying, but it’s so important to be polite and friendly while dealing with others. An upbeat mood uplifts everyone around you.

This list is open to new values. Defend your ideas. Americans welcome new ideas and positions. You can one day define what defines a great citizen in the USA.

by Cyril Toullier

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