France boasts record year in foreign investment

France has just announced a record-breaking 22% increase in foreign investment in 2010, with 782 new business projects successfully established. This is the « highest figure in 15 years » the « Invest in France Agency » reported last week, following the release of a report by the Minister for the Economy about Foreign Investment in France in the year 2009.

« High-added-value activities » helped France create or sustain 31.815 jobs last year, according to th IFA, citing the opening of a new logistics department by in Rhône-Alpes as an example of France attractiveness for foreign private investment.

A unique department tax for foreign investors
According to French minister of the Economy Christine Lagarde, a set of reforms helped boost foreign investment in the past two years. Recent changes involve a overhaul of the corporation tax, and a strengthening of the Research Tax Credit, intended as a push for business R&D and competitiveness. The new state-financed « programme d’investissements d’avenir » has also provided 35 billion € in public aid to various industrial sectors.

In order to foster foreign investment, French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced that a unique tax department for foreign investors will be created soon, which will  help curb administrative delays.

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Check out the website of the Invest in France Agency (IFA), the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in France.